Week 13: Less thinking, more doing (Let the heart rule the head)

For week 13, my mission was to stop over-thinking things and just get on with it.

I started the week as I meant to go on and tried very hard to not give too much thought to what I was doing (within reason). One of the things which really helped with this was being busy.

Obvious, you may think, but it worked. I packed out my week with something on each evening. To the point that I was actually using a sleep calculator to see how late I could go to bed and get up in time for work the next day, so I could maximise my evenings!

Being absorbed in other things, whether it’s working late, watching a play or chatting on the phone leaves you with less time to dwell on your thoughts. Admittedly, sometimes it is nice to think about things – at times, essential – but it can hold you back.

For instance, I have a friend who faffs around a lot. She will spend more time thinking about the outcomes of her every action and then wonders why she struggles to make decisions. Although I’m not quite like that, it does demonstrate how frustrating it can be when your head always rules your heart.

There are so many inspirational blogs and websites on the matter of living your life to the fullest but there is not so much on the matter of how to fight your own battles in your head.

One of the reasons I decided to do my 52 week challenge was so I could improve my self-confidence and as a result, not spend so much time thinking about how a certain situation may reflect on me. Instead, using the time to do things I enjoy.

Self-improvement in itself requires a lot of thought but in a different sort of way. You can use your ideas to develop yourself further. Over-thinking or over-analysing, however, can actually be quite damaging not only to your own self-confidence but to your relationships with others.

The moral of the story is that you are allowed to think, it’s good to listen to what’s in your head, but it’s then up to you to dismiss any negative thoughts and allow the heart to lead you on. Do silly things, spontaneous gestures, go somewhere new – change is good and it does wonders for your self-esteem.

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