Week 12: Give in to your sense of adventure

Some weeks it’s all about routine and other weeks it’s good to have a change and mix things up a bit. Last week was all about embracing the fun side of life…and balancing the routine bits too.

On Monday I had a meeting after work so had to head off on the bus to a village on the outskirts of the city. Normally I would have just got off at my stop and gone straight to the venue, however I fancied having a little exploration, so jumped off the bus a few stops early and wandered along the road. Looking around at the different houses and wondering about what it was like to live there. Sometimes just seeing somewhere different is a real eye opener and it makes you look at what you have and realise what you take for granted.

Later in the week a friend of mine rang for a chat and we ended up planning a trip north for a weekend away. It was really fun talking about things we could go and see and do while I was there and after the call, I felt really invigorated.

As it got to the end of the week, I realised I didn’t have any plans for Friday night and so I got in touch with an old colleague and we arranged to meet up for drinks. On the night, we ended up popping in to see some friends at their pre-dinner drinks party before heading off to try out a new restaurant in town. We then headed to a pub I didn’t even know existed and had a great chat over a drink or two.

At the weekend, I decided to go with flow and ended up going out for an early morning run on Saturday then spent some time out in the sunshine doing some gardening. My adventures then led me into town where I happened to meet up with a friend of mine for a coffee before indulging in some retail therapy.

It’s funny what a big difference it makes to ditch the ordinary for something a bit different. Like trying a new spice in your food, it adds a bit of a kick to an old favourite and opens your eyes to what’s out there.

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