Week 9: Learning to let go

Last week I managed to tick off three things that scared me in social situations and surprise surprise, it was fine. I think the hardest one was offering an opinion which differed from those around me because, no matter how small, that desire for peer approval is always there.

However, onwards and upwards, this week is all about surrounding myself with people who are true friends, who give you confidence and who make you happy.

I say this because I think we all have friends who don’t make you feel good about yourself, or make you worry, and yet we can’t let go of them. Why not? Who knows, but maybe it’s because we think they might change or because cutting someone out is too harsh.

However, everyone has friends who do go the extra mile for you and make an effort. There has to be a bit of give and take in any friendship and the majority of the time, it’s in equal amounts from both sides. When you feel like you’re doing all the giving and making the effort to meet up or text all the time, it’s not fair and it takes a toll on your self-worth. You feel that this other person must not like you or prefer to spend time with someone else when in fact it has nothing to do with you.

Remember all your other friends who phone and text you and make you feel loved? Well we should remember them more often when faced with these other half-friends.

Our lives can be complicated and it’s good to have a challenge but sometimes we need to let something go in order to have a more fulfilling and happier time.
People who drag you down are not your problem.
See them for who they are, maybe even talk to them about it, then just release them. Stop making the effort and spend time with people who really care about you.

Without making this sound too heavy, I think for me, I need to let a few people go so I can be surrounded by friends who understand that a friendship is two people who are both happy to make an effort.
In turn, the idea is that my levels of self-confidence will increase and maybe I’ll even stop worrying as much!

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3 Responses to Week 9: Learning to let go

  1. Kirsty says:

    Yes Emma! Excellent post.
    (Don’t let me go as a friend!!! :p)

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