Week 6: Be flexible

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just don’t go to plan.

I am a very organised person but no matter how much you plan something, there are always things that don’t work out just as you expect. Maybe the bus is running late, or it starts to rain, or your favourite necklace breaks, all these are things beyond your control and yet they have a huge bearing on how you feel or how your plans work out.

What impact do these situations have on your confidence?

To give you an example, on Saturday I was unable to go to a friend’s party because of the weather and the traffic was bad. As a result my plans for the day were thrown. I then didn’t know quite what to do. Instead of moping around though, I made the most of it and went off to get some bits and bobs done in town.

I think the key is to not let these things get in the way. Just say ‘oh well’ and get on with it. However, we all know sometimes it’s easier said then done. I find that a change of plan can really unsettle me or put me in a bad mood, which affects those around me.

When you have everything planned to a tee and it works out, you feel good and in turn your levels of confidence increase. And when the opposite happens? Well, you feel disheartened or annoyed and tend to think the whole world is turning against you.

I am also a great believer in the everything happens for a reason school of thought and, even when things appear to be going wrong, in the long run, it may have worked out for the best. It’s a hard one to judge because everyone works so differently but, on the whole, we need a few obstacles every now and again, to ensure we can pick ourselves up and get back on track.

So when things don’t got plan, think of it as an obstacle course. No matter how hard you practise and train, there will always be things that catch you off guard but all you can do is get on with it and keep on going.

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