Week 4: Just do it

I’m a great believer in just getting up and doing things. Getting involved with new clubs, meeting new people and trying new things are essential to developing as a person and building relationships.

On the way to getting involved is getting organised and that starts with a ‘to do’ list. This week I made it my mission to set myself two tasks each day to complete. Some were small such as booking a table for a meal out, while others were bigger such as buying a friend’s birthday present (for a significant age).

What I found out as a result is that it can be very hard to achieve things in a busy week. On top of a day in the office, I had gym classes, a work event and a social with a new group I’ve joined, meaning my evenings were filling up fast. Trying to accomplish other tasks alongside an action-packed week meant I had to prioritise tasks and utilise every moment in the day, from that five minutes spare in a lunch break to book a hair cut, to the 20 minute walk home at the end of the day to phone home.

Someone once told me a story of how they used to complain about not having enough time to do piano practice, to which their piano teacher replied, “Make time, ducky!”

It’s true. There is always time to do things you want to, or have to, do. This week has really brought home that message of using your time wisely and making sure you can tick everything off your list at the end of the day so you’re more prepared for tomorrow.

There’s something very satisfying about crossing things off a list, don’t you think?

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