Week 3: Be grateful

“What if all you woke up with were the things you were grateful for?”

Into the third week of my year-long confidence challenge and still going strong. This week I spent five minutes everyday, thinking about all the things I was grateful for.

Someone said recently – what if all you woke up with were the things you were grateful for? It’s a good point. All too often we take things for granted.
We assume that tomorrow we’ll still have heating, hot water and lighting. We assume that our friends and family will be there for us and that we’ll have a roof over our heads. We also assume we’ll have our jobs and our laptops or phones.

I’m not saying that one day you’ll wake up and suddenly you’ll have nothing but I believe it is very important to be grateful for the things you have because nothing lasts forever.

By acknowledging everything you have, you realise how much you’ve got and in turn that has a positive effect on your confidence because it’s not all as bad as it seems. It’s easy to get stuck in your own little world and not see the bigger picture, but being grateful for things is like zooming out and seeing all the things you value laid out on a table in front of you.

So, be grateful for friends and family, for a home and all that comes with it, for a job, for transport, for your health and for medicine. The list could go on but these were the main things that sprung to mind for me this week.

It also made me think about the extra things I have in my life that aren’t essential and how you can live without certain things but not others. For instance, I could live with two dresses instead of eight but I wouldn’t cut back on my friends in the same way. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m always looking to expand my friendship group because they are people I value very highly in my life.

Take the time to step back and look at your life from above. It’s very refreshing.

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