Week 2: Show your true colours

With a busy social calendar lined up, I decided that this would be the week to really work on raising my self-esteem and put myself out there a bit more, be myself.

There have been many times when I have been in a social setting and just found myself nodding and agreeing with everything, often coming away feeling that I hadn’t been myself at all. So it’s time to change that.

First up I bit the bullet and decided to strike up a conversation with someone who I often see after work but we have never got passed the pleasantries of ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?’ It wasn’t so difficult to get chatting and I soon felt relaxed enough to add in some of my trademark gentle sarcasm. Not only had I had the guts to approach them but I had also shown more of myself and I came away feeling happy and with more confidence in myself.

The second occasion was a work event, which is always a bit of an odd one. Do you ever really show your true self to colleagues? Admittedly it does depend on who it is but this event was quite a mix.
I got seated next to a couple of people in neighbouring departments and after getting menu choices and drinks orders out the way we got onto the topic of music. Being with people from a different generation, I hadn’t heard of a lot of what they were discussing. Normally I would probably have gone along with it but this time I spoke out and turns out that they were more than happy to educate me on the music of their youth.
A win-win situation really, I learnt something new and they learnt something more about me. Not so bad after all.

Last but not least was at an event at the weekend where I was interacting with many new people. Quite apart from trying to keep track of everyone’s names, I got involved in a lot of different conversations. Again, I worked on my tactics to ensure I didn’t blithely nod along and agree. As a result, I actually realised a bit more about myself and made some good connections rather than acquaintances who may have seen me as just another person there.

All in all, a big success. I didn’t think it would be that straight-forward and actually surprised myself. It has really helped me feel much more confident about being myself around friends, colleagues and new people.

Roll on the next challenge!

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