Week 1: Wear a new accessory

So the first week of January is coming to a close and this week I decided to kick off my 52 week challenge by wearing a new accessory, something I would never usually go for. In this case, it was a woolly, pink hat.

For some of you out there, you may be thinking it’s only a hat, however I don’t usually wear hats. At all. In fact, I actually dislike the idea of wearing hats. They mess up your hair and I didn’t think I could pull one off.

So I took the somewhat rash decision to buy the first thing I saw which happened to be a raspberry pink woolly bobble hat from a well-known supermarket. I was in there picking up some other things with a friend of mine and spotted it. Perfect, I thought, for week 1.

With some pointers from my friend on how to carry it off, I happily departed, hat carefully set on my head, and I felt good. Nothing bad happened, nobody stopped and stared, or pointed and laughed, or asked why I was wearing a hat. In fact, it gave me a boost of confidence to know I could now carry off a hat and that the Earth would keep on turning.

Since its first outing, I now wear my hat everyday. Not just to keep warm but as a constant reminder that such a small statement as wearing an item you wouldn’t normally go for can give you the confidence to come out of your shell and try something new.

So go out and buy that hat, scarf or necklace that you thought you couldn’t carry off and wear it for all the world to see. You’ll feel miles better.


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