Reflections and resolutions

In the lead up to new year there’s always that time to reflect on the best bits of the year. The memories, the new experiences, the new friends you’ve made, a relationship you’ve had or an amazing holiday. It’s also a time when you begin to think of things you want to change and set yourself some new year resolutions.

No doubt many of us will be hitting the gym come January in a half-hearted attempt to work off the Christmas turkey but there’s more to it than that. For me, one of the things I want to improve is my self-confidence. I suppose it’s not something as measurable as losing half a stone, and to some degree it’s an ongoing resolution, but there are certain things you can do to improve how you feel about yourself and more importantly to value yourself.

So why choose this resolution? Two reasons really. One is that I have identified the fact that despite outward appearances I do shoot myself down quite a lot and I want to give myself a chance to be who I can be. Yes, everyone’s harsh on themselves. You are your own worst enemy and all that, but I want to feel happier in my own skin, have the confidence to deal with a relationship and to improve my self-esteem which will also help me professionally. The second reason is that it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut and assume that’s just how you are, you’re always going to be shy and just the nice person in the corner. To some degree, you can’t change who you are and nor should you want to, however it’s a different matter to overcome your weaknesses and make yourself a better version of you.

And how to go about it? There are hundreds of articles on how to improve self-esteem, from writing down 50 things you love about yourself to having a makeover but I have decided I am going to set myself a target each week, do something brave, or different, or scary to push myself out of my comfort zone and ultimately prove to myself I can do things I thought I couldn’t, which is always a big confidence-booster. 

The hardest bit will be coming up with the ideas in the first place but I am going to write them all down and cross them off as I go along. I shall call it ‘the 52 week challenge’ and will be keeping track of my progress here.

Roll on 2014!

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