A Sunday stroll


The day for the big climb to the top of Table Mountain had arrived.

Our taxi took over one hour to arrive and when we finally got inside he had to stop at the petrol station! We made it to the bottom of the footpath and, after getting some directions from a lovely couple who were cycling along the jeep track, we started the 2km climb up the Platteklip Gorge track.

2km may not sound a lot to you, and it isn’t, but the height is – standing at 1050m Table Mountain is one of most dominating features of the Western Cape. Spirits high and happy that the sun was shining, we started the ascent. Regular breaks meant we could stop and admire the views behind us. We kept passing walkers, and runners, on their way down who told us ‘You’re nearly there’ and after hearing this many times, we finally met some people who told us honestly that we were probably about two thirds of the way there. That spurred us on and 1h40 later we had made it to the top!

The views were stunning and we were able to walk around the whole of the top of the plateau and see the panorama from the top. We also saw some dassies sunbathing on the rocks. Dassies are small creatures who look a bit like beavers without tails. Another fact about them is that they are related to the elephant – yes, really.

The cable car was in for maintenance until the end of August so we had the walk down to look forward to afterwards, which was actually harder than going up – my knees were not happy. We rang for our notoriously late taxi when we had got half way down and once we made it to the road, 1h30 after leaving the top, he still hadn’t arrived. Something about a traffic accident. Still, we were waiting on a comfortable rock overlooking Cape Town, so we couldn’t really complain. It was the most beautiful waiting place I’ve ever been to!

Once back, it was hot shower, food and bed. Bliss.

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