Long Street, Cape Town

The time had come to explore the city lights of Cape Town. Dressed to the nines and complete with hair and make up (for the girls!) we caught our late taxi to Long Street – the central hub for Cape Town’s nightlife.

You can feel the buzz of tourists, locals and music all merging together along the street. People enjoying themselves, having fun and taking in the atmosphere.

We started in Bob’s Bar and had a drink or three. A night on the town starts late on this side of the equator and people are only just starting to get warmed up around 11pm. Before we knew it, the bar was packed, so we headed off the bar number 2 which had a nice balcony overlooking the street. Looking down you could watch the bustle of people moving up and down the street.

The club we chose for afters was a very different experience to the UK. People went for the music, to dance. It was all about the dancing – the determined beat of the African music moving through everyone’s body, except for me of course. The reserved Britishness meaning I could hardly do more than the gentle sway from side to side.

Cut to an hour later and I was almost dancing like I was born to do it. I managed to bump into (quite literally) a dance teacher in the club who decided he liked the look of me and clearly wanted the challenge of trying to get me to dance the African way.

I have to say I almost impressed myself. When you let go of your inhibitions and just go for it, you can surprise yourself and the phrase ‘Show me what you’re made of’ comes to the forefront.

We finished off the night with a hotdog from a team who were doing good business on the side of the pavement and tempting many club-goers with the delicious smell of fried sausages and onions.

All in all a very good night.

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