Camps Bay sunset


Camps Bay at sunset is the most magnificent sight I have ever seen.

We waited for our taxi, which was late as always. If you order a taxi in South Africa, it is perfectly normal to wait for anything up to an hour before they arrive and this particular driver always late and not without his excuses.

Nevertheless we arrived at a reasonable time at Camps Bay and claimed our rock looking out to sea. We got out the drinks and crisps and made ourselves comfortable as we prepared to watch the sun go down. The air was very warm, like a Mediterranean breeze, so there was no need for our jackets and it felt very continental sitting on the beach in the early evening.

Soon enough the sky began to turn orange and blue as the sun started to set. We all got up to take photos watch as many other people did the same all along the Bay. The sky then turned an amazing pinkish orange colour and the sun started to dip behind the horizon. It went down extremely quickly. By the time we had got our photos, it was already disappearing and before long it had gone, leaving a deep blue sky and the sound of the ocean waves.

As we walked towards the restaurants of Camps Bay and settled on an Italian place for pizza, we looked back seeing the outlines of the rocks and silhouettes of palm trees swaying very gently in the still warm breeze.

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