When did it become normal to pay £4 for a sandwich?

So I was in London at an event the other day and it came to around lunchtime. All fine. I did what most people do when they’re hungry and located the nearest place selling half decent food. From a distance the words ‘meal deal’ caught my eye, so I headed over and went to see what was on offer.

Well, their  meal deal was a cool £6.25 for a sandwich, crisps and a drink. Pricey but convenient, so I took my selection to the counter. The cashier then informed me that no I couldn’t have the Peach Iced Tea with the meal deal so I had to go and get something else – water (exotic, I know!) – then I returned to pay.

When I finally cracked open the sandwich, I took in the full price – £4.25 just for the sandwich. It’s like daylight robbery. For two slices of wholemeal bread, some egg mayo and cress I have no idea what else I was paying for – the packaging wasn’t even that nice, no nutrition label or anything! To make matters worst, it dawned on me that I had paid the same amount for a large mug of tea and banana cake in a coffee shop that morning – the phrase value for money was staring me right in the face, or rather it wasn’t.

I mean I know London can be more expensive than other places but a 50% mark up on sandwiches seemed a little extreme, even for my pocket.

Next time, I’ll pack my own and they’ll be double the size for half the price – or I’ll go down the road to Boots and grab a reasonably priced meal deal.

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