Moving up in the supermarket world

This evening, after work, I took myself off to the local Waitrose for some bits and pieces, which inevitably turned into a mountain of things that I thought I might need. 

As you walk into the shop, you get this warm feeling that just makes you want to buy things, or maybe that’s just the heater at the automatic doors. Either way, I browsed the aisles at my leisure, passing the Waitrose man in the cereals aisle about four times – and no I didn’t even put any cereal in my basket!

For the first time in ages, I didn’t really think about the price of the items going into my basket. Apart from hand selecting a jacket potato and putting it on the scales to be priced up, 34 pence in case you were wondering, I only scanned over the price tickets. Surely that is a true sign that you’re moving up in the world, when you do your weekly shop at Waitrose and just hand over your card at the till.

Oh how times have changed. Only this time last year I would have been going around Morrisons, foraging around in the reduced section for half price meat/fish/cheese/anything edible or hovering around the Morrisons guy who had the job of discounting stock at the end of the day. There would usually be a group of students about a metre behind him at all times, all going for the carrot cake that was now 89p from £3.09. The person who was successful would be met with evil looks from the other scavengers students and almost forced to prove themselves as the worthy winner of the cake.

I do miss those days though. It’s very satisfying getting something for a fraction of the price but when payday is just around the corner, why not splash out a bit? So it’s Waitrose for now but by the time the end of next month comes around, I will be across the road in Tesco buying their super value food, dreaming of my payslip.

Anyway, 34p for a potato isn’t too bad.

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