Three cups of tea later…

I had my first day in my new job today. I love it!

What struck me most about the day was the complete reliance on caffeine to get from one hour to another. The most important thing in our office was not the paperwork or the deadlines, oh no who needs those! It was the coffee granules and tea bags. Guarded by myself and my colleague, practically under lock and key.

The day progressed and more cups of tea were drunk. It was a good excuse to leave the desk and also a way to keep going while the Arctic conditions continued outside. There was outrage when we ran out of milk but my colleague saved the day and brought some in, so all was well again.

After lunch, we were back in the office complaining about the cold and I decided to go for a walk. Stretch my legs before settling down for the afternoon. The idea of a Starbucks appealed to both of us, so off I went to get some takeaway drinks. Cardigan, coat, scarf, gloves and I was away, battling the bitter wind and cold to complete my mission.

I arrived back at the office 20 minutes later, two drinks in hand, my cheeks were the colour of tomatoes and my nose was much the same. My hands meanwhile had turned a mottled purpley-white, representing complete lack of circulation and that was with gloves on! I must have looked the very picture of health. It was so worth it though for an indulgent hot chocolate with whipped cream…mmmm.

Oh, and I did do some work today too.

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