The Joy of Seasonal Flight Changes

About three months ago, I starting planning for the Christmas holidays and decided to go on a skiing holiday. Easy enough to sort out, you might think, and sure enough it started out ok.

I went to Crystal’s website, picked a lovely resort in Austria, paid a deposit and tadah holiday booked!
So with that sorted, I got on with my life and didn’t really think about it, until one day I got an email from them… my flight times had been changed meaning I wouldn’t be able to get home on the 22nd as originally planned. I fired off an angry email and ended up changing my flights to a different airport. Matter resolved.
By this stage, I’d sorted out my Euros, insurance and had been shopping for super warm gloves to keep my fingers from freezing off in the snow.

Then, the other day another email came through telling me my flight times had been changed (yet again) to even earlier on the Saturday morning. Well, this was the icing on the cake, I was furious!
I considered phoning them up to complain, demanding a full refund, and changing my holiday but in the end it was too much hassle to change it all and according to the T & C’s (which no one ever reads) flights can be changed right up until the day of departure and you agree to that the moment you tick the evil little box. Said box also makes you agree to the fact that if you cancel up to 10 days before departure, you lose 100% of your money – great refund policy right there.

So, I am still going on the holiday but I am never going to choose Crystal again. And bad news travels fast, so it’s much more satisfying for me to know that people can read this and think badly of Crystal rather than me sending off an angry email which probably wouldn’t get me anywhere.

Happy skiing!

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