The Not So Quiet Coach

So we’ve all been there, sitting on the train and the conductor makes the announcement about all the different coaches. Coach A is First Class, Coach F is the Quiet Coach and then there’s the buffet car and all the rest of it.

The other day I was travelling back home and had been allocated a seat in said Quiet Coach. Great, I thought, peace and quiet for 2 hours. So I settled down, got out my book and relaxed. Not for long though. As soon as we moved out of the station, people were coming in and out of the carriage like there was no tomorrow and then there was a young family with very noisy children who were shouting at the tops of their voices coupled with constant shushing from the parents (to no avail). And then to top it all off, someone’s phone had a really annoying message tone which starting going off. Honestly, it was one of the most unrelaxing experiences of being on a train. If I wanted this kind of commotion I would have gone to any of the other carriages. To me, the Quiet Coach was no different to coach B, C or D.

What is it that people don’t get about being quiet, or at least being a bit more considerate to fellow passengers? I acknowledge that these train companies primarily mean keeping gadgets in silent mode but surely it wouldn’t go amiss to apply it to noisy children too.

It got me thinking what it would be like to have a library coach where you could work in silence, uninterrupted and enjoy a journey free of unnecessary chatter and beeping. Or maybe roll out an entertainment coach, like First Great Western have done, to keep people, and in particular children, quiet with films which works so well on flights.

If all else fails, just travel First Class, darling!

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