Breakfast at 32,000ft

As part of my internship in London, I got invited on a work trip to Edinburgh. Quite exciting really – I didn’t expect to be leaving the office, never mind galavanting off around the country!

It was an early start and somehow it was arranged so that I arrived at the airport a good two hours before the flight. I’d already got my boarding pass online and had no bags to check in, so I passed the first hour slowly browsing the shops in the departures area (before security) and people-watching. Eventually, my work colleague arrived and had gone straight through security so then I had to make a quick dash to the other side, find her and then board the flight.

We weren’t sitting together, but I made myself comfortable in an aisle seat and gripped the arm rests a little too tightly on take-off. (You might be thinking that I don’t like take-off. You’d be right.) Once we had levelled out again, the air stewards served breakfast. I have to say it was a very surreal experience eating a cooked breakfast while flying at goodness knows what speed in the air!

Once in Edinburgh, we got to the city centre and dropped our bags in a very smart hotel before going off to find lunch. My colleague suggested Hard Rock Cafe, somewhere I’d never been to, so we filled up there (quite literally) before getting to the office for an afternoon’s work.

The second day we had longer hours to work and didn’t get back to London until 11pm but that doesn’t feel too bad when you’re met at the airport and driven back to your house in a swanky car. It feels worse having to get up again at 6.30am but totally worth it.

All in all a great trip – count me in for the next one!


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