The First Day

Monday morning, very early, 6.30am early. The last time I had to get up this early was for graduation (so not really that long ago). In order to give myself a chance at getting to the office for 9am I decided to leave plenty of time.

After breakfast and making sure I looked presentable, I ventured out into the morning light to find the tube station. On joining the stream of commuters beeping their Oyster cards and rushing down the stairs, I felt like ‘one of them’. The tube arrived within minutes and luckily I got a seat and enjoyed 40 minutes of people watching, although not too obvious in case people thought I was a weirdo. First impressions matter!

I arrived at my destination a full 45 minutes ahead of time and so I found a cafe and tried to make a cup of tea last out half an hour. For the record, 20 minutes is about the max unless you enjoy stone cold tea.

Eventually, I slowly wandered over to the HQ and was wowed immediately by the building – I had to stop myself gawping. Automatic revolving doors, glass turnstiles, a security guard, it was like going into Harvey Nics. Anyway after getting over the shock of modern inventions I went over to reception and got sorted out. I had to wait for someone to come and get me, so I took a seat in the fancy waiting area and did some more people watching; this time more obviously because no one really took any notice of me. Sometime later a glamorous assistant came to collect me and took me away from the modern building to the less glamorous offices across the road where I would be working.

Everyone was really friendly. I say everyone, there were only about 10 people but still they were all nice. My supervisor talked me through some tasks and I got cracking. I made full use of the tea machine to try out some new flavours of tea – raspberry was very nice!

Before I knew it, it was 5pm and time to join the rush hour tube traffic back home. The journey back was less comfortable, a bit more squashed, but nevertheless I escaped at the right station and arrived back at the right house. Success!

So the day was a good one but I felt exhausted afterwards and by half 9 I was ready for bed. As I drifted off to the Land of Nod the neighbours started playing loud music and singing along at the tops of their voices. Didn’t know karaoke was the in thing to do in London.

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