A Faster Pace Of Life

I was on the hunt for some black trousers for work and so I got off at a different tube station and browsed some shops before work. Retail therapy at 8.30am, that’s a first for me. Unfortunately it wasn’t really very therapeutic, more stressful as I couldn’t find what I wanted.

At lunchtime I got taken over to the fancy office canteen and got to go through the glass turnstiles to ‘the other side’ which is actually just the restaurant and a series of lifts which take you higher into the building. It was so cheap for lunch – only £2.90 for a main meal – I was very impressed. After you’d finished you put your tray on a revolving belt which took it into the kitchen to be cleared…probably by super efficient robots or something.

Before returning to the office I dashed off to the post office to send a parcel and joined the lunch hour queue. Now I really felt like an office worker; allowed out for an hour a day to get as many tasks done as possible, although I only really did one task on this occasion!

For some mid-afternoon entertainment the fire alarm went off (no it wasn’t planned). For the first minute everyone ignored it, thinking it was a drill, and then people started looking nervous and grabbed their belongings before going down the stairs to get out. No registers like at school, just the assumption that everyone had safely got out of the building. Luckily, there wasn’t a fire so we all went back in, but it was rather exciting.

Work seemed dull after our little escapade but 5pm soon came around and I managed to buy some black trousers after work. Win!

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