How To Serve A Beautiful Beef Crumble

Beef crumble, you say?!

Well actually the recipe didn’t say crumble, it was meant to be beef patties, which my housemate informed me is just the Australian way of saying burgers. (The cook book is Australian by the way, not my housemate!)

It all started off so well. I mashed the potatoes, got the veg on and had the mince at the ready. Then I mixed my potatoes and mince together and formed nice little patties to fry in the pan. You could add onion, but I’m not a big fan.

The patties were frying away nicely, with the occasional splattering of oil to decorate the kitchen, but then it came to turning them over. I have to admit that I probably could have mashed my potatoes up a bit more but I only thought about this afterwards, of course. Out of the eight patties in the pan, only two made it fully intact to the flip side but  when it came to turning for a second time, there was no hope. I ended up accepting that my patties were becoming less like burgers and more just like a crumbly, mincey mess.

However, embracing this fact made it much easier to carry on. In the end I served my crumbly mixture with vegetables and it was very tasty, just not very burger-like.

There’s always next time though!

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