How To Use Up The Rest Of The Pesto

Last night was the turn of pesto lamb…

I put the lamb cutlets on a tray lined with greaseproof paper (as the recipe called for), which may or may not have been a good idea. Then smothered them in about half a jar of pesto topped with grated cheese and left them to cook for about 25 mins.

When it came to taking them out the oven, all I could see was a mass of green and when I cut into them to check they were cooked, there was yet more pesto concealing the insides, so I took them out and, thankfully, they’d cooked fine!

The next challenge was peeling them off the greaseproof paper, which had now become particularly attached to the lamb, so much so, that it wouldn’t come off. So I got as much of it off as I could and served it with my veg and potatoes.

After spending the first few minutes, de-papering the lamb, I tucked in.

Absolutely delicious!


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