How Not To Be A Fishmonger

Yesterday I tried my hand at making a fish pie. The most challenging part being getting the fish off the skin.

At first, I tried chopping bits off with a knife, trying not to make a mess, but after a few minutes I ended up attacking the fillet with large strikes of the blade, and eventually just tore off the fish with my hands. So, after turning into a savage for the first part, the rest was pretty easy.

You warmed up the tomato sauce, cooked the (mangled) fish in it and then topped with mash and cheese ready to grill until the cheese turned a lovely golden brown. Meanwhile, I put some veggies on to boil and attempted to remove all evidence of the massacre.

I’m pleased to say that the fish pie tasted really good, and I only found one bone in the whole thing, which was quite impressive considering, my ‘chunking’ of the fish was probably not as a fishmonger would do it!

Still not as good as my mum’s fish pie though!

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