How To Host A Dinner Party Using Six Ingredients

My housemates and I have started taking turns cooking for each other, sort of like Come Dine With Me except we all live in the same house and we don’t rate each other out of 10.

Last night was my turn and I decided to make a sausage bake, which is very straightforward, just put sausages, soup, veg and cheese in a dish, cover it and cook it. Turned out ok and my housemates seemed to enjoy it.

But you can’t have a dinner party without dessert, and a two-ingredient dessert at that. Solution? Bananas and chocolate. My housemate kindly donated her bananas to the cause, which were otherwise going to be left to rot! All you do is slit bananas, put in choc and melt in oven. So delicious and so easy.

The proof is in the pudding (literally!). You can cook a tasty two-course meal with six ingredients.

Roll on the dinner parties!

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