How To Flatten Chicken

My second culinary adventure came in the form of pesto chicken.

Again, a pretty straightforward method and a delicious result. I think the highlight was finding an implement to flatten the chicken before frying it. I was debating using a rolling pin, but I had visions of chicken splattering all over the kitchen, so toned it down a bit and went for a wooden spoon instead. Of course, being a student house, there is no meat mallet present, which I gather is a more appropriate way to deal with such methods.

After bashing the chicken, it was a case of browning it on both sides in a frying pan and then coating in pesto with a few slices of cheese. Meanwhile I had some veggies boiling away. Once the cheese was nicely melted and the chicken cooked, it was simply a matter of draining the vegetables and then serving.


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